Tuesday, 15 March 2011

In support of Lost Civilisations

The Grand Menhir Brise in Brittany - which is 71ft in Height - could this marker be used to steer ships to harbour?

Last week I published an essay on my theory about LONG BARROWS as sign posts for our ancient ancestors.  In support for this theory I would like to refer to an article published in The Times on 1st December 2010 by Norman Hammond, which reports on an article from the International Journal of Archaeology 39: 433-435.

In the Paper and subsequent article, Peter Davidson reports that over a 20 year study, he has been able to identify that 'sea shore' stone circles are built as 'direction finders' for the nautical civilisation that lived in Mesolithic times of prehistory.

These monuments are widespread and start in Scotland - with clear routes over the Irish sea to Ireland down the European coast all the way down to Spain.  These sites were used not only as direction finders for the crew but more importantly to indicate the location of safe harbours for landing.

This proof of the use of Megalithic monuments such as LONG BARROWS clearly indicate that the water levels in Mesolithic Times of prehistory (directly after the last Ice Age and Great melt) were much higher than today.  So much so, that boats were able to navigate these giant inland waterways that lead to the oceans of the world.


  1. I looked on The Times website the Article of Norman Hammond to which you are referring cannot be found. Also no Peter Davidson that i can find has ever written anything on Barrows or Prehistoric Britain. In lack of these evidences your claims appear to be a little spurious so, can you shed a little light on this matter

    1. Abdul

      I doubt that the Times keeps articles on its web site for over two years - a copy of Peter's paper was published by International Journal of Archaeology number 39 pages 433-435.

      You can contact these publishers directly and obtain the articles - at a cost - or you can trust me that such detailed references are not made up!!

      Another blogger has the full Hammond Article at: