Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Building of Stonehenge by Boat

Reed Boat Bring a Stone to Stonehenge 

This is the view I took on how stones were brought to Stonehenge in my book 'The Stonehenge Enigma'.

But recent research with the cave drawings from Germanic Art indicates that these ancient people may have understood the dynamics of boats better than we have previously appreciated. This Drawing seems to show a double hulled reed boat we now call a Catamaran.

Ancient Germanic Art showing Reed Boats

The positive aspects of a catamaran is enormous as with Stonehenge transporting Stones are even easier than we first believed for the stone no longer balances 'in' the hull of the boat but is balanced 'in between' the hulls. This offers greater stability as we have all seen ancient academics attempting to transport stones in a canoe in archaeological re-enactments, get it very wrong and the stone turns over the boat, because they failed to centralise the stone correctly.

This problem is avoided by a catamaran as the stone is balanced 'between' the boats on a wooden platform, not only does it ensure the boats stay safe, but because of having two boats attached you can carry TWICE as much weight.  I can already hear sceptics cry 'alien technology' the real question is their any evidence that ancient civilisations did use this 'modern' technology?

Ancient Polynesian Reed Catamaran

And quite amazingly the answer is YES - this ancient polynesian catamaran with a wooden connector.  This also has the advantage of having two sails so it goes twice as quick as a single sailed boat and so can cover twice the distance.  What I find amazing is just how close these boats look to the ancient Germanic cave paintings.


RAII - see previous blog - travelled from Africa to South America in 1969 a total of 3270 miles in 57 days.  This type of boat could cross the Atlantic in just 30 days travelling at 120 miles per day.  Moreover, this boat can sail from Britain to the Mediterranean is less than 5 days!!


Back at Stonehenge if the builders used Catamarans were the mooring posts wide enough to accommodate such a wide boat?

For the FULL answer to that question you will need to wait for the next blog that will include new diagrams of the 'hydraulic' lifting mechanism that made loading and unloading stones unbelievably simple, even a Mesolithic man could do it!!


  1. Robert,

    Once again your are revising your Mesolithic Technology to now include Polynesian double hulled reed boats (probably from 900AD). You are showing weakness, my friend, when you are grasping for reed to make your boats!

    To argue that “some boats can carry stones and some Mesolithic people had some boats; therefore Mesolithic Brits carried stones to Stonehenge on boats” is a syllogism far removed from Reality!

    ('syllogism' – a Greek word that means to logically combine statements)


  2. Kostas

    Reed boats modern technology (900 AD) I don't think so!!

    The Polynesians have been travelling by boats since the dawn of time - why is this because they are an island civilisation just as Britain was directly after the last ice age.

    Joining to boats together - well not exactly rocket science is it?


  3. Robert,

    The 'wheel' is also not a modern technology, but your Mesolithic Brits weren't that advanced to invent it! But according to you, they were technologically advanced to build double hulled reed boats that could carry 40 ton sarsens to Stonehenge!


  4. Kostas

    You need to invent a road first to make the wheel effective, everybody knows that!

    Similarly, Windmills and Watermills were invented in Roman times but they did not build or use them as slaves were much more cost effective and reliable.

    Same goes for the wheel, if they needed them i'm sure they would have built them - but why build roads when you have rivers flowing freely - common sense really!

    Mind that buggers your Mesolithic cave man model - for if you can build Stonehenge and there's no water for boats to move the stones - why didn't they build a road to transport stones either with wheeled carts or rolling on tree trunks?


  5. Robert,

    You are making it too easy for me! So now you are arguing that first roads were build, then the wheel was invented! That's like saying that first we built airports, then we invent airplanes!

    Robert, your theory is leading you astray! Better find new ideas to befriend! Try my 'local ice cover' theory. It will lead you to the Truth about Stonehenge!


  6. Don't you mean a runway?

    If he said a services station then airport would be right??

    And if you have a plane how would it take off without a runway???

    AC :-)

  7. AC,

    I could have also said “putting the cart before the horse” and would have made the same logical point! Or should I say, “putting the 'boat' before the 'wheel' ”?

    Robert is 'grasping of weed' in building his 'dreamboat'!

    He would do better to study my article, “The un-Henging of Stonehenge” for a simple and natural theory that explains all the facts about Stonehenge!