Monday, 6 June 2011

Launch of a new Advertising Campaign

We celebrate the Month of June with the launch of my new book 'The Stonehenge Enigma'.  Consequently, you'll be seeing in bookshops and national newspapers and magazines the following posters -

Black and White version

Colour Version that's on the Colour Edition of the book

And the Cover of the Paperback version to be released in October 2011

These posters will also be available to purchase through both Amazon and eBay in the next few weeks.


  1. Robert,

    Nice photos! Where these taken by you flying over Stonehenge in your time-travel machine?


  2. Kosta

    You can do better than that surely?

    My new blog shows proof of Mesolithic - not little boats but sea ferrying ships with 10m planks - I'm no ship builder but my limited knowledge places such length of planks to been seen again on Roman galleons some 5000 years later.

    So, Early Mesolithic drawings of reed boats in Scandinavia and now late Mesolithic wooden ships in Britain - enough proof of my hypothesis, allowing me to move on to my new book concentrating on the philosophy of this great civilisation which was inherited in the Mediterranean some 2000 years after they left Stonehenge.


  3. Robert,

    If there are laws against killing people, surely there should also be laws against killing truth!

    So now you are going to explain to the world the 'philosophy' of a civilization that did not even know how to write! I guess that should make it easy for you, since you need not be constrained in the narratives you create out of thin cloth by anything written down by them (like Egyptian hieroglyphs)!

    'Cloth' – a Greek word that means 'twisted'.
    'Hieroglyph' – another Greek word that means 'sacred carvings'.

    Or are these from your Mesolithic lost civilization too?

    Are you also going to invent a written language and a religion for your Mesolithic boat people? Maybe you can also throw in some architecture (like a Parthenon) and claim these are now lost. Anything is possible if labeled as 'lost'!

    Robert, you can do better than that!

    Seriously … You have a great career in Hollywood! Why are you bothering with Archeology, which will only constrain your imagination with historical facts and shatter your childhood dreams?


  4. Kostas

    Why limit yourself with the constraints of our own 21st century society? Think 'out of the box' my friend.

    You take the view that the written word is a sign of Civilisation and Knowledge - Have you never studied the philosophy of language?

    The oldest and the more progressive civilisations (the ones that did not destroy the planet for their material well being) used a form of communication known as 'folklore'.

    We write because we have a distant society who we do not meet or have a personal relationships with - this advanced society did not suffer this same problem as it 'lived in harmony' with nature and with each other.

    There is a far greater skill to 'remember' information and recall it complete and correctly than writing a book, where you can go back and correct mistakes or ponder what to write. Its much more sophisticated as you can add movement and rhythm to give it deeper meaning.

    Songs are a clear 'relic' from this bygone age - you don't need to write down a song to remember it as it is stored in a more efficient part of your brain - which clearly makes this society for more intelligent than us!

    Oral traditions are the oldest and simplest as you need to waste time learning to write - just remember. Sadly, this advanced technique has been lost to most of us through our 'stagnant' education system - so the reality is that we have forgotten more than we can remember.

    As you see now they had a far superior philosophy than ours, no doubt told to people who could not duplicate there skills so they needed to make a permanent copy.


  5. Robert,

    You write,

    “Why limit yourself with the constraints of our own 21st century society? Think 'out of the box' my friend.”

    Let me briefly state our different views:

    Your view: Men build Stonehenge

    My view: Nature had a far greater role in making Stonehenge and all the other 'prehistoric monuments'.

    So Robert, who is thinking “outside the box”? Your views on Stonehenge are along the same lines as the conventional thinking of “21st Century society”. Only more romanticized and fantasized. With glossy Photoshop posters and a media campaign to bust your book sells.

    I rest my case!


  6. Robert, you write

    “Songs are a clear 'relic' from this bygone age - you don't need to write down a song to remember it as it is stored in a more efficient part of your brain - which clearly makes this society for more intelligent than us!”

    So Robert, we could all 'sing our way' to a more advanced civilization! I just had a 'eureka moment'! Could it be that the singing birds are actually your Mesolithic people transformed by the power of their higher intelligence? It is possible that they are now shaping our thoughts and controlling us with their high frequency vibrations and we don't even know about it? And of course there is also the “music of the spheres”, which Newton spoke about. That certainly provides direct scientific evidence for such lost intelligence.

    If we only just be One with Nature we can master all these mysteries and we wont need jets and rockets to take us places. We could just sing our way there! We could all become the 'naked archeologist' and live in harmony with nature and with other singing creatures! Why build Stonehenge, or worst yet write about it, if all we need to do is sing our selves to happiness and a higher state of being.

    Anything is possible in the vacuum of empty space!


  7. Kosta

    You clearly are not a historian, for the most famous people in human history used 'oral' and 'folklore' traditions which clearly have been handed down (and now lost)since 'The Dawn of Civilisation' (which is the title of my next book!!).


    and not forgetting Socrates!!

    All used the ancient art form of oral teaching to their interest groups or disciples (whatever you wish to call them).

    According to your 'logic' as this 'system' is not as sophisticated or effective as writing - you would imagine that their life and philosophy would disappear immediately after their deaths - which clearly this was not the case.

    The fact that the human brain can retain words like songs and poems better than words shows us that evolution has adapted our brain to accept this information better in this format - for obviously it has used for tens of thousands of years more that the writing word.

    Next time you hear a hymn ask yourself a simple question - why? - why do we sing hymns? and why did songs exist before the written word?


    And I must confess my disappointment that a quantum mechanics philosopher does not know that there is no such thing as a 'vacuum of empty space' - as space is not empty even in a vacuum!

  8. So Robert,

    ... the 'song' is mightier than the 'pen'! But books have survived while your merry Mesolithic boat people have not! I guess you will explain this to the World too! Let me do your thinking for you! Argue that there is a 'reverse Darwinism' at work. We have here the 'survival of the dumbest'! That will endear you more with the 'new age' readership you are targeting!

    The 'vacuum of empty space' was only a metaphor. I was being polite!


  9. Robert,

    The Gregorian Hymns that you so revere survived because they were written down in notes invented by Byzantine Greeks! Do you know of any Mesolithic boat people hymns that we can hum together?

    You are confusing 'feelings' for 'ideas'. While we live feelings, we communicate ideas! Your next book, “The Dawning of Civilization” should be titled “The Downing of Civilization”.

    Can't take you seriously any more … But why do you tolerate me? Must be because since I started commenting on your blog your count doubled! It's all about marketing and book sales, right Robert?


  10. Does that include nursery rhythms?

    My 4 year old learnt these (some in a foreign language) before she could read or write.

    I know some 200+ songs verbatim - but the first page of any famous book, just a sentence or two!!

    Bob Davis

  11. Good point, Bob!

    It's because you know 200+ songs verbatim but only “just a sentence or two” of any famous book that ideas are written down and all civilizations that survived in history have a written language!

    But Robert thinks otherwise!


  12. Sorry Kosta I was agreeing with Robert.

    I know some children in my sons primary school are being taught songs as an add to remembering details.

    Bob Davis

  13. Bob,

    Of course you were! But my point that 'songs' can be remembered but 'ideas' must be written down in books is true whether you agree with Robert or not!

    You can't have great civilizations just based on 'songs'. All advanced civilizations throughout history developed a written language as a suppository of ideas. Except of course Robert's great Mesolithic boat people that only needed songs!


  14. History disproves your theory Kosta!

    Homer's odyssey was about an event in 1190BC but was not written down until 529BC.

    Beowulf was recited first in the 5th century but not written down until the 8th century.

    The concept of the written word being the test of civilisation is just pure nonsense!! On never occasion was civilisation of these nations placed on hold until the written recordings of these events took place.


  15. Robert,

    Am I missing something? Do you have a Mesolithic Mariner's Tale that came down to you through secret 'orallations' and the rest of mankind does not know about? Oral traditions is one think. But they are only real if there is tradition. Otherwise, they are 'imaginings'!


  16. Robert, you write

    “On never occasion was civilisation of these nations placed on hold until the written recordings of these events took place.”

    You almost slipped this twisted logic past me!

    The question is not if certain written works existed, but whether writing existed. And history tells us that in these civilizations writing existed.


  17. Hi Robert, difficult keeping up with you as Im busy travelling at the moment. Just wondered what your opinion was on the 'hands at Gargas'? I bought your book before I set off, bad idea!! Ive missed far too many views along the way . But the cave art carbon dated, showing them to prehistoric. What im struggling with is I dont see sets of mutilated hands but infact a prehistoric language, could this be ?
    Also being a medic I cant resist the epidemic theory in regards to a 'lost civilisation.
    Cambodia next....plain of jars. Congrats on the reviews
    Charlie A

  18. Charlie

    I have yet to study the 'hands at Gargas' in any detail - Prehistoric language maybe but why use hands, more like sign language I'm sure they used this as they were a civilisation that used word of mouth rather than writing.

    And yes my other medic colleges are flooding me with facts that show when a civilisation reaches a critical mass epidemics are the most likely cause of their demise.

    Look out for mortise and tenon joints for me in Cambodia - enjoy!