Monday, 11 July 2011

Amendment to the Book - Pages 84 - 86

Rather than letting you have to wait for the next edition of the book when new information is obtained and then you having to pay the full price for an updated copy.  ABC Publishing Group has taken a 'customer first' internet option which allows me to to constantly update the book for FREE - yes i'll repeat that 'for FREE!'.

On this occasion pages 84 to 86 have been updated with a much more accurate illustration (as below) and at the same time we can amend two small 'typo' errors.

The idea is that you can follow the link: Open - Stonehenge Enigma Update 1-0711.pdf and a PDF book will open with the amended 3 pages, which you can print and replace (as its the same size) with the current pages - with glue.

NW Entrance - as Stonehenge would have looked in 7500BC

If you think that spoils the book, the publisher is willing to replace the entire book with a new updated version  (with the new pages included) if you send a cheque for just £5.99 (this includes postage and packing - overseas customers its £6.99) WITH THE OLD BOOK - no cheating please! to:

ABC Publishing Group
Bassett Business Centre
North Weald
Epping, Essex
CM16 6AA

Sorry no callers!!

The book will be with you in about a week.

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