Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Dawn of the Lost Civilisation

Recently I announced the launch of our new web site at:

In this site we gave details of the two remaining books of the Prehistoric Britain trilogy:

Dawn of the Lost Civilisation and Echoes of Atlantis.

We are able to show you the first video for the next book 'Dawn of the LOST Civilisation' that introduces the book and summarises 'The Stonehenge Enigma'.

Dawn of the LOST Civilisation (DLC) will be published in June 2012 - Posters (below) are available form our on-line shop


  1. Love your posters, Robert! Even if I don't ascribe to your views! But then, that's the nature of an open and honest debate.

    In contrast, Brian has chosen to block my comments on censorship in his blog. His very actions put into question his every word denying censorship! Since I cannot respond to your post in Brian's blog in Brian's blog, I will respond to it in your blog!

    Responding to Brian's reply [http://brian-mountainman.blogspot.com/2011/12/sandstone-bluestones.html ; 12 December 2011 07:59] to your post [http://brian-mountainman.blogspot.com/2011/12/sandstone-bluestones.html ; 11 December 2011 22:53] on censorship:

    Brian determining if censorship happens in his blog is like the Chinese government determining if there are human rights violations in China! Those in control always find ways of justifying their actions. Like 'national security', or non-conformity to certain ideas, or “when somebody has consistently failed to take account of what is being said by others” [Quote from Brian's post].

    Their usual response when pushed to their intellectual limits is “love it or leave it”. This betrays a mistaken belief that they 'own the conversation' and can choose who can be heard and what they can say.

    Slippery slope, Brian! Get out of you 'ice box' to see your shadow!


  2. Kostas

    I can understand censorship for bad language or childish behaviour, but not for legitimate comments.

    I feel his command of the high ground he claims is on that 'slippery slope' you mention.


  3. Having just ordered The Stonehenge Enigma, and awaiting it's arrival from Britain, I was happy to see that you have a blog.
    However I cannot open the "popular posts" links below, whilst I can open the links to the "Prehistoric Britain News" to right of this series of posts.
    Also I have clicked to no avail on your new website.
    Could you advise? I am in USA.
    I was able to get to the original blog site with the debate between Brian, Kostas, and you, and certainly agree that his censoring was in bad form, however.

  4. Anon

    I don't know why the links at the bottom of the page do not work for you - they do work as I use them often.

    Try the blog archive on the right above the 'news' and click the year - you will get the complete list of blogs as below.