Monday, 22 December 2014

Old Sarum - Debunked

by Robert John Langdon

This is the third of my new debunked series looking at Old Sarum.

The history of Old Sarum traditionally starts by claims that it was an Iron Age site.  Sadly, this claim has no evidence to substantiate this idea as the only excavation ever undertook in 1915 was never completed as the archaeologist died not writing up his notes - although on the English Heritage site there is a reference to the notes being looked at in the near future, so its only taken a hundred years!

The video 'debunks' the claim that this was an 'Iron Age fortification' to protect residence during the aggressive pre-Roman era.  The only historical evidence for this claim (and this is used for most prehistoric sites in the UK) is the ditch that surrounds theses type of monuments, as it is perceived that these are defensive ditches.

Old Sarum - Debunked
Old Sarum

What we find is that rather than these dry 'ditches' being a defensive feature of the site, they would in time of conflict actually aid the attacker of the site by creating a blind spot so they would not be seen and a point where they could gather and hide from the defenders of the site before the final assault.  It is no surprise that both the Romans and the Normans did not use the outer bank as a defence but concentrated on the inner bank which they used as a moat.

Old Sarum - Debunked2
Outer bank showing spoil was placed on the outside of the ditch
So the idea that this is a defensive bank is 'debunked' and the video goes on to look at what is outer bank really is for and a similar bank of size and shape is found at Avebury, where again the spoil is placed on the outside of the ditch for a very good reason.

Lastly, the video looks at the new archaeological evidence that has been produced this year showing that there was a canal cut into the outer ditch to join it to the inner ditch.  This piece of engineering allowed the boats that landed on the shoreline of this post glacial island to enter the site and moor in the centre of the island.

Similar descriptions of sites that had these types of 'concentric circle' sites with canals that allowed boats to enter harbours have been found in my books that look at the writings of Plato and his 'Lost Ancient Civilisation' he called Atlantis - Old Sarum was not Atlantis but the same civilisation did build this site as it it has the same engineering signatures.

Old Sarum - Debunked3
Atlantis with its concentric circles and connecting canals

Old Sarum - Debunked4
Old Sarum with two concentric circles and a connecting canal

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