Monday, 5 January 2015

Durrington Walls / Woodhenge - Debunked

By Robert John Langdon

The last in the present series of 'Debunked' video was released over the weekend.

Durrington Walls - Debunked looks at the traditional view of 'Durrington Walls (the biggest 'Henge' in Britain) being a 'Product of Emerging hierarchies who wanted to demonstrate their authority in the region' ... and proves that this valuation is complete nonsense!!

Durrington Walls is remarkable as it is at the exact same height as Stonehenge - so the 'Post Glacial Flooding' affected both these two sites to the same extent as being placed on a Mesolithic Shoreline. The mathematical probability of this happening is astronomical!!

Durrington Walls showing mesolithic water
Durrington Walls showing the height of Mesolithic Waters
This proves that Durrington Walls was a harbour for boats, which should be no surprise to any landscape archaeologist 'worth his salt' as the profile of the site proves that it is inhabitable!

Profile NW to SE

Profile SW to NE

If you placed houses on this site it would flood every time it rains!!  In the Mesolithic Period it would have been flooded by the River Avon which (like the Thames) it was ten times higher than today.

Durrington Walls showing the hieght of the River Avon 8500BCE

Durrington Walls showing the hieght of the River Avon 8500BCE
Durrington Walls showing the height of the River Avon 8500BCE
So why was it built?

Simply for trading - a place to moor up your boats and hence the series of post holes tracking the falling waters in the Neolithic Period.

Durrington Walls showing mooring posts
Durrington Walls showing mooring posts
So what (you might be saying) are the round post holes found on the site that Mike Parker-Pearson believed was houses?

Durrington Wall 'Crannogs' - Houses or mooring station?

Crannogs have a 'dual function' - this is common place for this very practical civilisation.  Firstly, they are the perfect mooring station for your boat (no wet legs jumping into the river dragging you boat to shore).  And secondly, they are fish farms which can even be seen today in the far east and other aquatic societies - nets are attached to the crannogs support timbers to enclose the fish.

Crannogs -Fish Farning - Vietnam style
Fish Farning - Vietnam style
The second part of the video (TBA) will show you what Woodhenge is about (sorry it's not rocket science of religious mumbo-jumbo) here is a clue.

Silbury hill beacon


Thursday, 1 January 2015

700,000 views and counting!!


by Robert John Langdon

From Durrington Walls - debuked
Avebury as you have never seen it before - from my video 'Durrington Walls - Debunked' on youtube

2015 is upon us and we have taken the Christmas period to review our interest level in our endeavour to tell the public the truth of prehistory,

We launched our web presence less than four years ago with the hope and aspiration of reaching a million people within the decade - so how are we doing to date?

In 2014 we launched the first of a series of 'prehistoric maps' that covered the Stonehenge, Old Sarum and Avebury areas in both 1: 25 000 and  1: 50 000 editions covering over ONE THOUSAND prehistoric sites and monuments - all of which have been found at the prehistoric shorelines or above.

We also launch a companion to the Prehistoric Britain Series called - 13 Ancient Things that Don't Make Sense in History' - a collection of essays in a 'easy to read format' to show just how ridicules our perceived history really is!

Our BLOG SITE has had 200,000 visitors at a rate of 5,000 per month this year.

Our WEB SITES (including blog, satellite web sites such as 'The lost civilisation', author information and book sales/reviews) has reach a mammoth 701,000 visitors.

Our BOOK SALES including kindle reached over 3,500 this year and an estimated (didn't keep the first edition book records - opps!) overall sales in excess of 10,000 books

We have 900 followers on the blog/google+ /facebook/twitter and 5200 likes!!

So are on course to double this target 1 million figure by 2021 and what is more important - we are changing the way archaeologists and historians look at the prehistoric era.  With recent TV programmes and articles accepting 'post glacial flooding' as the scientific evidence is compelling!!


We are preparing to launch the long awaited second book of the trilogy 'Prehistoric Britain' called 'Dawn of the Lost Civilisation'.  This is the anthropological part of the series which will look at the 'Megalithic people' who built Stonehenge, Avebury, Carnac etc. to see were they originated and the big question in evolution why they were different to the Homo Sapiens that had wondered unchanged for over a million years.

We will also be launching the 'Prehistoric Map' series for a second area - The South Downs, coving the entire south coast from Winchester to Eastbourne and yet another one thousand sites proving beyond any reasonable doubt the proof of my 'Post Glacial Flooding' hypothesis.

So back to work - never a dull moment in my life - have a great new year!!