Sunday, 22 February 2015

Further BBC support for my Hypothesis - Flixton Island

By Robert John Langdon

It seems every time I switch the TV on and look at the numerous History and Archaeological programmes, they seem to be 'changing our perception of history' and supporting my hypothesis (perhaps they are secret readers?).

The latest 'discovery' shown on the BBC is about 'Flixton Island'.  So rather than spending long periods correcting the video in text here on my blog, I have added annotations so you see what 'smoke and mirrors' the academics are using to explain the obvious, rather than the truth that - they got it all wrong!!

Flixton Island
Flixton Island
Flixton is an Island, but it was not on a lake as suggested on the video but a waterway that led to Doggerland - for details see another blog of mine: 'Lies, Damned Lies and Archaeologists'

The new admission of this lake/river drying up thousands of years after the last Ice Age and more importantly, AFTER Mesolithic Man had returned to Britain.  This shouldautomatically 'flag up' a historical problem for the archaeologists and geologists - If Star Car and Flixton was once a flooded landscape that dried out - how many other sites suffered the exact same effect?

To answer that question all you need to do is look at the peat record for Britain.  We know from carbon dating peat it takes about 6k years to form once the waters have stopped flooding and it is exposed to air.  So lets look at a peat map and find out how much water was flooding on the landscape at the same time as Star Carr & Flixton was flooded?

Even today 11% of Britain is still covered in Peat and 16.6% in Ireland - Britain's lower number will be because of industrialisation - peat bogs were drained and houses/factories built over the last 500 years.  Even so, even with the overwhelming evidence that thousands of years after the ice Age AT LEAST 15 - 20% of the land surface was underwater at the time of Mesolithic man - YET archaeologists and geologists refuse to accept my 'Post Glacial Flooding' hypothesis!!


  1. hi rob again lol
    just thought id back you up on this because i have noticed the slight changes they are throwing in.
    theres no doubt, there trying to gradually steal your thunder, without bringing you into the circle.
    i noticed a mention also of the stone hammers aiding in the constuction of these great monuments, it seems they have thrown out the antler pick wholesale. water levels seem to get dropped in alot too now, even though they dont know what there talking about.
    may i suggest i think you need to crack America, get your books out in the states, website, radio talk, the works. Im sure they would lap this up because its there history too. 10 fold your readers and get some press coverage and Credit you deserve.


  2. link here

    its a site i use every day which often has some interesting articles on there.
    today there seems to be 4 or 5 good ones,
    hope you enjoy

  3. heres a laugh for you, i got 7 mins into this from u tube.
    (Time Team Special 37 (2008) - Swords, Skulls, and Strongholds)
    i had to turn it off from laughing when tony suggest they filled the ditches with stones to throw at the enemy.
    im guessing the inhabitants arrived on a island dug a sea wall around it as a sea defence, and after time had to rebuild it further away due to the sea level falling.
    i didnt watch the whole thing and dont know the site but im quite sure iron age man didnt build it to throw stones at his foes.

  4. Aten

    Thanks for the emails and continued support.

    Things are changing - next week I will reveal (big press release) the discovery of a 'Lost' Stone Avenue that proves the 'post glacial flooding' hypothesis beyond any reasonable doubt as it joins two of Britain's major monuments via the shorelines of this period - I hope then you will then see most of these bizarre explanations from these so called 'experts' fade into obscurity, as common sense takes over!

    As for America, sadly as a Brit I have six times the audience in the USA and more visitors daily in France and Germany than in Britain!! I also sell three times more books in the US (Kindle) than Britain and appeared on several of their radio shows in the past year. Lets hope the press release gets us some national air play on the British TV this time?