Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Stonehenge 'Cover-up'

by Robert John Langdon

Yesterday I was with BBC Wiltshire at Silbury Hill, Avebury for an outside broadcast for the Partial Eclipse of the Sun special which included interviews with astronomers and archaeologists (talking about Silbury Hill and the Long Barrows). One of their guests Tim Daw (a Stonehenge Stewart) informed me that English Heritage has now completed their work on the site by finally covering over the old car park with turf and transfered the car park to its new position a mile down the road.

Stonehenge car park mesolithic shoreline
Stonehenge 'old' Car Park showing shoreline of the River Avon

On the face of it this news may not sound very interesting!!

Yet the car park has the oldest findings at Stonehenge dated to 8500BC - this being the case, why has EH not removed the tarmac and excavated the area for more remains?  Surely, common sense dictates that this area is key to the history of Stonehenge?

What are English Heritage trying to 'cover-up'?

stonehenge Mesolithic post holes
Stonehenge 'old car park' with Mesolithic Post Holes

I confess that I have a huge interest in the excavation of this site - for it would prove (one way of the other) if my hypothesis is correct.

This is not the first time EH has tried to 'suppress' any knowledge of an earlier site:

Stonehenge mesolithic dating evidence
Only sign that the dating of Stonehenge is wrong!!

The only reason that EH has refused to excavate this area is that it will put into question the dating evidence at Stonehenge.  As EH has just spent £27 million pounds in promoting 'the current version of prehistory' - they do not wish for it to be undermentioned by any new evidence which would mean trashing their current exhibition was just a load of 'old nonsense' for the 'cash cow' of tourists and not scientific fact!!

This is when capitalism rules and scientific facts and our true history  pays the price!

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